About us

Who are we and what do we stand for?

PRIME stands for customized cleaning. For a correct price-quality ratio that suits your needs and those of your colleagues. Cleaning that you do not have to worry about. That is the service provided by PRIME.

Fresh spaces promote job satisfaction, express that a company or organization cares about the welfare of its employees, leads to less absenteeism and contributes to a positive image. PRIME specializes in good and proficient cleaning.

At PRIME you do not have to worry about your cleaning. We would like to introduce this expertise. We sit on your chair, assess the entire location, analyze function and use, combine that with your package of requirements and budget and draw up a well-thought-out cleaning plan on the basis of this.

Direct and fast communication

At PRIME we distinguish ourselves through our simple organizational structure. This approach ensures short communication lines: our contact person can respond a.s.a.p. to your questions and demands.

PRIME reaches for a guaranteed customer and employee satisfaction, great for people, focused on results, optimal green and focus on commitment to a CO2-neutral future.

We are very involved with our customers and personal contact is of paramount importance at PRIME. This is why we respond and act quickly to your personal wishes.


Due to our organisational structure we offer a direct and fast communication to all our clients.


We adapt to the client’s needs so that we can propose the most competitive prices.


We offer experience, professionalism and flexibility with a guarantee for the best results.

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