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Window cleaning is important for the appearance of your building! A neat façade not only leaves your building shining but also your customers and employees. We, PRIME clean where justified and allowed the windows in a traditional way. Traditionally, it means wiper, professional windshield puller and microfibre dry cloth. We do this because high quality is achieved with traditional window cleaning. All corners of the glass are reached and the frames can also be dried well.

In addition, we use our innovative PRIME osmosis telescopic washing system as an alternative to places that are more difficult or impossible to reach with aerial platform (s) or similar *.

PRIME Osmosis cleaning – innovation at its best!

Our PRIME osmosis cleaning system consists of an innovative method that filters the tap water for 100%. This system removes all existing lime, minerals and bacteria from the tap water by means of adapted filters, leaving only 100% pure water.

Water in its purest form has a very strong cleaning power and when the pure water dries up after cleaning a nice result without streaks is created. Our mobile units are also equipped with a ‘heating system’ to heat up this water to 70 ° C when cleaning and have built-in water tanks. They guarantee us all flexibility. PRIME does not depend on ‘the water tap at its customers’. Hot water gives an even better cleaning result. Heated pure water expands making it even more fluid and therefore absorbs the dirt more quickly. It also dries faster, which results in an even better end result. Convenient in the winter but just as practical in the summer when cold water evaporates on the warm glass.

The strong cleansing effect allows deep cleaning of the materials in the pores. The more often a surface is cleaned with osmosis water, the less fast the dirt will adhere again. Our PRIME units have been further developed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly to clean. Moreover, this innovative system allows to clean safely from the ground up to considerable height.

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