Rental damage – Cleaning – Clearance

Prime regularly deals with situations where special cleaning is required.

In these cases, we are not only talking about a thorough cleaning or disinfection of a building, but for example about a contaminated house or apartment due to extreme circumstances. Such circumstances are more common than you think.

Usually a tenant/resident is very social and decent, until the moment we are asked to intervene. In many of the cases there was not enough social control and people lived in isolation. Physical or mental illness is often the culprit, but shame is certainly also a factor.

Often a point has been reached where people can not go back and the problems accumulate. These types of circumstances are a potential health hazard. Often the family or owner wants the hyde this from the general public.

We are often engaged by social institutions, family members or by owners and therefore Prime is specialized in these situations and is more than capable to handle them.

We approach every cleaning, disinfection or waste disposal as a customized project. Set an apointment with us for a proper evaluation and then let us provide a carefree solution.

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