Fire damage

Discretion, speed and quality

This remains absolutely paramount within Prime Damage Solutions. Our  employees are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to support you with the necessary knowledge and service in the difficult moments after a fire damage.

Cleaning after a fire consists of various activities, one of those activities is of course the cleaning of your house or building and the contents.

On the other hand, the claims expert will check whether the desired end-result can still be achieved, and if not, loses will be reimbursed. Unfortunately, some objects may discolour after cleaning and / or reconditioning, or they have been badly burnt or they will continue to smell.

Deodorizing textiles

With specially developed means we clean and deodorize all textiles. It is precisely those objects that have so many emotional values ​​that are opportune to be cleansed by us. Think of clothing, the stuffed animals of the children. Also interior textiles such as curtains, mattresses, carpets etc … we can get neat, soot and odor free. We will dispose of all damaged items that can no longer be recuperated. By using the latest techniques and special, non-aggressive products, we pay off with every trace of pollution and / or damage.

Fix & Repair

After soot damage, it is recommended to place a fixing layer on walls and ceilings. This is for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Apart from the fact that these surfaces have been cleaned and soot-free, they can leave a yellow appearance. Therefore, it is expedient to apply a fixing layer to prevent stains from appearing after the application of a final coating.

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